About us

We are Jeannette Purmer (1972) and Donald Purmer (1971), a Dutch couple that own, run and manage JP Lusitanos located in Alentejo Portugal.

About us Jeannette Purmer
Jeannette Purmer
About us Donald Purmer
Donald Purmer

Our dream continues

We have recently started the small scale breeding of high quality Lusitano horses. How fantastic is this, and how well it fits into the complete picture we want to offer and do here in Alentejo Portugal. Of course, this did not come out of the blue. From an early age, I (Jeannette) was already looking into the bloodlines of horses and always wanted to find out everything, at that time in the bloodlines of the Dutch KWPN horses. Everything changed when I bought my first Lusitano Fabuloso.


How it started

In 2008 we have bought an old farm house with 11 hectares of land in southwest Alentejo Portugal. As from 2006 we actively started building our dream here. We have renovated and enlarged the old clay house and built an other clay house which was intended for holiday rental.

Besides this we have build two very luxurious glamping lodges on our property also for holiday rental. As from 2021 we have been open for business in holiday rental of the accommodations and it has been a great success ever since. More information or bookings you can find on https://casadavinha.nl/

Breeding Lusitanos

When we knew that we were going to move our first Lusitano Fabuloso to Portugal and we didn’t want to move him alone, we started looking for a Lusitano mare to go with him. The idea was to start breeding with her once she was in Portugal and we had the space for it. We then started to deepen the knowledge in the Lusitano bloodlines and the interest in breeding grew more and more.

The choice for a Lusitano mare fell on Olivinha RS, a rare pure Veiga cremello mare by Broa MBR x Bilbao SS, over 3 years ago. The mother of Olivinha RS is a Braga mare and the father Bilbao SS is a Silveiras stallion who is now in Mexico.

What struck us immediately at that time was the movement of this mare. So much schwung and cadence already of herself together with the Veiga bloodline that immediately appealed to me. The Veiga barok type horses are for us an example and starting point how a Lusitano should be in terms of type, character and movement. Shorter round types with an expressive head with super movements from behind pushing/carrying with an equally super willing character with an energy that is there when needed and super relaxed in the hand.

Olivinha RS

Lusitanos Portugal breeding mares

In the meanwhile, Olivinha RS had her first foal of Almansor SS. We think Almansor SS complements our Olivinha RS nicely. The choice of this Silveiras stallion also fits completely with our thinking and breeding program here at JP Lusitanos Portugal.

We think it is important to work with bloodlines that have an ancient origin and are already confirmed. For example, the family of Olivinha RS, Vertice both in mother and father side. Vertice is of course not alive anymore but we think it is beautiful to keep such an old bloodline alive.

Almansor SS has proven himself everywhere, and is recomended. With this we hope to create the quality we have in mind. We want to breed small scale with high quality in the foal, with attention and aftercare to the potential customer.

While we were still in the pink cloud of Olivinha RS her pregnancy, another rare opportunity presented itself.

We got the opportunity to take over two super mares for our early breeding program. I cannot describe how happy we are with this.

Joly RS is an 8 year old mare who has already proven herself. She comes from super silveiras bloodlines Riopele x Cubana SS, won a silver medal and is approved as a broodmare with 71.5 points. And also recommended, is the mother Cubana SS.

Joly Joy RS

Now, this mare is pregnant of Morante SS ! Of course we are so very happy with this.

Morante SS is also recommended and completely fits the ideal image I have with a functional and beautiful lusitano with a super character. Morante SS descends from the stallion Pioneiro (coimbra), again an old bloodline. The mother of Morante SS is Paquita, this mare has produced many good horses like Almansor SS and Impar SS.

During a visit to see the stallion Morante SS, I (Jeannette), got the opportunity to ride him. I was already very impressed by this versatile and charismatic stallion when he was presented to me under saddle, but when I was allowed to ride him myself everything was confirmed and I thought what a power horse!!!

As icing on the cake Morante SS became champion of champions ridden stallions at the ” XXXIII Campeonato Internacional do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano 2022 in Cascais”. What an achievement.

Together with the qualities of Joly Joly RS we think this will be a very good combination.

Young promising generation

Besides Joly Joly RS we have another very nice promising mare called Rubi Rose RS. Rubi Rose RS is a 1 year old bay mare and is out of Olympic Rubi AR, Quo-vadis Isobata and Peralta Pinha in the mother line. In the parental line on both sides recommended.

Rubi Rose RS

This mare has very good movements and we think she is very handsome! Eventually we hope to use her in our breeding program. This will certainly be a nice combination with a veiga/braga/Silveiras bloodline. With crossing these 2 divergent lines something very special can arise.

Lifetime with horses

Jeannette worked her whole life with horses, ever since she was a little girl of 4 years old. In her horse life she did a lot off different disciplines. Training of young horses, Dressage, Jumping, Military, Groundwork and Teaching. In her training and riding she uses different techniques and methods depending on the horse that it concerns.

Untill the age of 35 she did a lot of competitions. Going forward she started focusing more on training of (problem) horses. Helped other riders and horses as well with lessons, Clinics and Therapy (see below).

Donald, on the other hand, has started his active horse life when he got his first Lusitano horse not so long ago. In a short time developed a great passion for Lusitano horses. He finds a lot of relaxation and happiness in the caring and training of the horses. He did always help with all the horses in the past. Over time he developed a very good trained eye for exterior and movement of the horses.

Licenced Therapist for horses

Jeannette is a Licenced Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist and a Biotensor Therapist for humans and Horses. She already helped a lot of riders and horses with all kinds of problems, wether it was behaviour, training or health related problems.

She is now starting this work also in Portugal. For rider and horse ! www.body-focus.nl

We are very happy with these exciting developments, and we hope we can make our future customers very happy with one of our Lusitano horses or foals.

Maybe your new future Lusitano is waiting for you here. You are welcome to meet and visit and maybe stay in one of our luxury accommodations https://casadavinha.nl/

If you are curious please send us a message.

Warm greetings from sunny south Portugal,
Jeannette & Donald Purmer, JP Lusitanos Portugal

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