Cegonha SQT

Some time ago we where given the opportunity to add 2 special mares to our herd with very rare bloodlines. These mares live together since they where born. Their names are Diva SBS and Cegonha SQT.

Cegonha is graded with 73 points, bred by Quinta das Terras stud. Her father is the famous and recommended Quo Vadis SS from Silveiras stud. Her motherline is Samarra (Hostil x Nortada). Cegonha is a fantastic mover, all inherited of Quo Vadis SS!

Cegonha SQT left and Diva SBS right (Foto credits by Romina Steiner)

With this mare we have added much potential and value to our bloodlines in our stud. We believe that the bloodline of Quo Vadis SS is very important to preserve but can also create something special in our breeding.

Quo Vadis SS
Qua Vadis SS

Cegonha SQT has just given us a beautiful filly named Ulala JP, out of Finorio, a Vento MBR (Ofensor) son x mare Bruxa SS.

Finorio is a silver medaille winner, at 1 year of age won the Otello golden medaille in Belgium, and has some old bloodlines in his family. Vento is a stallion of Manuel Braga Silveiras. Mother Bruxa SS is a golden medaille winner and her father was the recommended Violino SS.

We look forward to a bright future a head with this mares as icing on the cake. Together with the other fantastic mares, with also their own fantastic bloodlines, we cannot wait to see what the future will bring us.

Stay tuned !

Life of Cegonha SQT

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