My love for the Lusitano began with my first Lusitano Fabuloso. I bought him at 18 months old. Fabuloso is from Unica AVT x Soajo JP out of Liberal (Veiga). As a foal he won a golden medal.

Lusitano Fabuloso

Unica ATV x Soajo JP

Unica with Fabuloso

After years of training and riding my own Dutch bred horses my ideas and love changed when I bought my first Lusitano.

Never did I have a horse that could read me so well, had the sensitivity and the power, and let me work him so well. He Always wants to work, thinking ahead and giving me a wonderfull feeling.

It thought me to ride different and better then before and to communicate with very small signals, posture and breathing. For me the Lusitano had it all and I was sold !

Lusitano Fabuloso
Fabuloso is also a good teacher. For example in groundwork he will learn a beginner how its done.
He also learned a lot of tricks over the years, he is very clever and wants to learn new things. A treat for a kiss or a paw he will do it with pleasure !

Fabuloso no longer is a stallion but he thinks he is ! He is the big boss over his mares. They all love him. Besides this Fabuloso is still in training and we do various things with him. Most off all he loves being in the center of attention and get lots of affection.

Life of Fabuloso

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