Our Lusitano horses

Olivinha RS
Joly Joly RS
Rubi Rose RS
Cegonha SQT
Diva SBS
Traquejo JP
Ulala JP

Lusitano stud

On a large piece of land of 11 hectares our Lusitanos live in a herd. They have the freedom 24/7 to walk in the fields or to be inside to shelter for the rain or sun.

We believe that this liberty and living in a herd is the best way to keep to horses healthy and happy. With the result that they can perform their best in what we ask of them.

We breed Lusitano horses on a small scale. In this way we always maintain the quality and the close contact we love with all of our horses and customers. On our page “our vision” you can read more about our breeding program.

Training lusitano horses

All our Lusitano horses are trained at their own level. Besides this the training is very divers in all disciplines but the basic is academical dressage and groundwork. There is enough knowledge of serveral training methods to apply on each individual Lusitano horse. It is important to us to see what each Lusitano needs, at a certain time, to get the best teamwork and therefore results.

Also the youngsters are prepared in all the basics, think of grooming, walking, lifting feet and so much more, you would expect of a well behaved horse. We think it is very important to begin early with imprinting of all new things. This will result in a very stable and confident horse for its new owner.

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