Olivinha RS

Olivinha RS a rare pure Veiga bloodline Broa MBR x Bilbao SS. Broa MBR is graded with 76 points. Her father is Vertice out of Ofensor with in the motherline Impossivel.

Lusitano mare Olyvinha RS

Bilbao SS is a Silveiras stallion and is sold to Mexico. Bilbao has the same fatherline with Vertice out of Ofensor and also in the motherline Impossivel. Olivinha RS has therefore a rare Veiga bloodline with double Vertice and Impossivel in it.

Examples of Veiga bred horses you can find at Coudelaria Silveiras.

Broa MBR
Bilbao SS
Bilbao SS
Broa MBR with Olivinha RS

Olivinha RS has been with us from 8 months old. Her character is so funny, she likes to play and make jokes. She is very intelligent and a very quick learner in everything you do with her. Loves to be with you and do the work.

She has been under the saddle and did very good. She has to mature more before we can restart her training under the saddle. To us it is important that the horse is strong and mature enough to do the more serious work.

Lusitano mare Olyvinha RS

So, now she first can grow up and just had her first foal, named Traquejo JP, of Almansor SS. Almansor is also a stallion of Silveiras out of recommended Riopele and in the motherline the Silveiras mare Paquita, who has brought many famous horses such as Morante SS and Impar SS. Olvinha lives in a herd together with our other Lusitano horses. For 2024 she is again pregnant with Almansor SS.

Almasnsor SS
Almansor SS

Life of Olivinha RS

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