Our vision

We like to share with you our vision in breeding at JP Lusitanos.

Breeding of Lusitanos is already been done by many Lusitano breeders all over the world. Many examples and information is there to see. As new breeders we also did a lot of investigation of other breeders and with their choices and bloodlines. A few of those Lusitano breeders gave us inspiration to use in our own breeding program.

Breeding is passion, love, knowledge, intuition and also luck. Our breeding program begins with passion and gives us a lot of happiness. We are positive that the future results will give us more of this.

Of course not everybody likes the same Lusitano horse. We would like to share with you what our perfect Lusitano should look like.

Old bloodlines and breeding

In our breeding program it is important to preserve the old Lusitano bloodlines. We will always try to secure this for our program. These old bloodlines are becoming more and more rare and have a lot of proven quality in them. It will be very nice to mix this with the present quality that is out there.

Mixing these types and bloodlines will be done without loosing sight of the old barok Lusitano type which is for us the classic type of a Lusitano horse. We love the Veiga type of Lusitano horses who are shorter and round with an expressive head. With super movement that has attitude, elasticity, cadence and has enough ground cover. With the hind legs carrying and pushing and in the front shoulder freedom. And with a super character that wants to work, has an energy that is there when needed, and are very easy and relaxed in handling them.

With these horses you can go all directions in (professional) sport or leisure. Dressage, Jumping, Working Equitation or just ride in nature with them. But above all, a lot of enjoyment with your Lusitano !

This is our vision and goal and example in our breeding program.

Our Mares

With our current mares we already provide a solid base in old and rare bloodlines. In our group of mares we have representation of

*Rare pure Veiga bloodline Broa MBR x Bilbao SS. Vertice/Ofensor/Impossivel

*Rubi AR x Impale Estribeira. With lines of Quo vadis SS, Isobata and Peralta Pinha, Atinada, Xaquiro

*Riopele x Cubana SS. Hostil and Novilheiro in this line

*Quo Vadis SS x Reliquia II. With old Veiga Nilo/Firme blood.

*Quo Vadis SS x Samarra. With Hostil and Nortada.

These bloodlines give us a lot of potential for the future.The mares Joly Joly RS and Olivinha RS have now a foal of the recommended Almansor SS and Morante SS which will strenghten our base even more.

Our vision of high quality

Our Lusitanos live in a herd on a large area with some open roofed areas. This means that they can decide themselves if they want to be inside to shelter for rain or sun. Being in a herd is for the horses physically and mentally the healthiest way to live.

In our vision and breeding program we achieve high quality. For us this is not an expensive luxury stable for example or other things that are not really necessary for the horses. But it does mean the following things;

  • High quality is achieved in our bloodlines that we use. Our base with mares contains already a lot of (proven) quality and recommended status. When breeding, we prefer to use recommended stallions for our mares to strengthen this quality even more. And preserve old bloodlines.
  • High quality is achieved in the treatment of our horses with feeding, natural housing, training, care. Everything is done with a lot of attention and love for the well being of our horses
  • High quality in service, advice and aftercare to our future customers
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