Traquejo JP

Traquejo JP is a very Special VEIGA bloodline !

He is a stallion born 16-3-23 out of Olivinha RS x Almansor SS. So proud of our first born foal. A dream came true and with what a result. This guy is very curious and loves to explore. He is a very functional build horse with 3 perfect gates. We love him !


Olivinha RS klik for details

Olivinha RS will be approved as breeding mare in 2023.


The almost legendary Almansor SS. This stallion has already proven himself in his quality offspring. Almansor SS is a stallion of Silveiras out of recommended Riopele and in the motherline the Silveiras mare Paquita, who has brought many famous horses such as Morante SS and Impar SS.

Life of Traquejo JP

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